AVL-Webdesign has been creating websites for Danish and International musicians, artists, small and medium businesses, associations and others that have required a high standard website at a competitive price.


Some Websites i have designed.

Jette Sophie Sievertsen

Actor - Narrator - Instructor

Silk Road Kitchen

Cafe and Catering kitchen
Dublin, Irland


Betina Wegner
Psychomotor Therapist
Pilates Instructor

Allan Bo

Allan Bo Band - ABQ
The Swinging Organisation
Duke, me and all the others

Rikkes Køkken

"Kokken på Torvet"
Catering in Frederiksværk


Residents Associations Website
Including Booking Calendar

Elite Opti

Birgitte Bendixen Møller
Pig Consultant


Agent and Distributor
Dublin, Ireland




I strive to deliver a web design that is completely tailored to your needs. Whether you are creating your first website or you are an established company that wants to improve its online presence, I use my experience and creativity for your project to create a solution that meets your expectations.

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At our first meeting, we determine your requirements for the website. I figure out what you are doing, why you do it and who you do it for. We discuss if there should be 1, 2, 3, 4 or more pages. Whether it should contain photo, audio and video. And all possible other requirements and questions you may have for your website.

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I come up with some suggestions on how your new website should look. I customize and change the web design until you are 100% satisfied with how it looks and works.

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When the design is okay, the building itself starts. I use the texts, graphics, photos, and any video and audio files you've provided, and put it on a test page that you have access to, so you always can follow the process. I perform extensive tests on the page before it goes live to make sure there is no error, and that it works on both mobile phones, tablets and desktop.

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Then we will showcase your new website. After it has been aired, I continue to test it for several days to make sure it works exactly as it should do.

It’s cheaper than you think!
A website can cost from few to many thousands if you search the web, but what do you do if you are a small union, an artist or a small company with a very limited budget?
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Then you contact AVL-Webdesign, either via the contact form or by phone so we can find out what opportunities there is within your limits. For some, a single page is optimal and for others there is a more individual solution, but whatever your choosing, the design should be so you are presented in the best possible way, with logo, relevant images and eventually video and audio. The relevant search criteria becomes obvious taken into account, so search engines like Google have the best opportunities to register the website. Avl-webdesign have associated professional freelance writers, photographers and video people, if needed, for your web design.

Contact me, without any obligation to purchase, so we can discuss your requirements for a professional designed website.

About me

Ove - AVL-Webdesign
webdesign background fille
After running the sound studio "AV-Lyd" in Copenhagen for over 30 years, I sold it in 2015 to my colleagues in "Hz and Tone".
In parallel with the audio work, I also designed web pages in "Avl-Webdesign", and I will continue with that, even though I have “officially” been retired.
I work with Adobe Muse, WordPress, Photoshop and other relevant programs for web design.


Send me an E-mail

Ove Sørensen
Nødebohave 118
3480 Fredensborg
+45 40 35 22 18

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